When you join L.E.K., you take the first step toward accelerating your career as a business leader. We invest heavily in the professional development of every consulting professional with a goal of helping you grow into a well-rounded, analytically-minded business professional capable of solving the most challenging business problems. No matter where you are heading, our training and professional development program will help you get there.

In the Classroom

Our world-class formal professional development program provides you with the skills to succeed at L.E.K. and beyond. Training begins on day one of your employment, occurs with your cohort regularly throughout the year and is offered not only to all staff, but also to our Partners. Tailored to the needs of your position, ongoing training supplements on-the-job experience. In addition to annual regional and global events, you participate in regular in-office sessions and have access to an online library of more than 500 learning experiences. For our Associate-level employees, training covers many of the topics you would learn at a top MBA program.

Learning at L.E.K. is truly collaborative, fostering best-practice and experience-sharing. Senior leaders from around the globe lead training sessions and develop training materials. Learning approaches are dynamic and diverse, from presentations to exercises to role plays to small-group discussions.

On the Job

Your most important training is gained on the job. L.E.K.’s casework uniquely positions you for accelerated professional development. L.E.K. consultants are exposed to a wide range of industries, new business issues, and new teams, so you will continually be challenged and acquire skills faster than your peers.

Our cases involve formulating and delivering advice on our clients’ toughest, highest value issues. You are exposed to the big picture, as well as senior executive challenges and how to meet them. Our focus is on solving tough issues rather than implementing processes. There is no better or faster way to develop strategy consulting and business leadership skills.

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