Secondments, externships and business school sponsorship are among the many professional and personal development opportunities available to you. These experiential learning opportunities are designed to help you broaden your experience and sharpen your skills during a brief break from L.E.K.

secondment allows you to challenge yourself and gain hands-on, practical experience while on a temporary assignment with an L.E.K. client. You gain direct insight into that specific company and industry sector and enjoy the opportunity to develop new skills while refining your existing ones.

An externship is a short-term leave that allows you to expand your horizons and capabilities while you volunteer for a nonprofit of your choice. These engagements are typically two to three months in duration, and can be used to pursue a passion for social impact, after which you return to your L.E.K. consulting career. 

These programs are designed to build your experience and skills more quickly and to help you bring a fresh and more insightful perspective to consulting engagements.

We offer business school sponsorship to consulting staff who have been active contributors to the firm and demonstrate significant aptitude in the key skills required for strategy consulting.

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