We recruit Associates from top colleges and universities across the globe.

Associates play a crucial role on each case team, gathering, analyzing and synthesizing research and data to address the client’s core issues. Your ability to uncover novel information and lead rigorous analysis that underpins breakthrough insights is what makes a lasting impact for our clients. You’ll take on a significant amount of responsibility, and in a short timeframe. The quality and creativity of our Associates’ work is critical to the success of our consulting teams.

As an Associate, you will work collaboratively with senior leadership and peers to solve some of business’ toughest problems. As you progress in your tenure you will continue to build leadership skills and take on a significant amount of responsibility. 

While casework needs will vary every day, your role will involve:

  • Conducting primary and secondary research on markets, competitors and customers
  • Performing rigorous analysis to pinpoint appropriate, practical recommendations for clients
  • Collaborating with team members to transform research and analysis into thoughtful insights that deliver maximum impact for your clients

L.E.K. offers Associates the broadest business experience and strongest analytical skill set for a career in consulting, as well as any future opportunity in graduate school, industry, non-profits or investment firms.

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