L.E.K. Consulting recruits outstanding candidates with strong quantitative skills and advanced degrees from leading universities.

Working alongside senior and junior members of the case team, these new recruits apply their unique skills and experiences to projects while receiving top training in strategic business consulting. Each person will take on responsibility for leading modules of project work and driving analytical insights.

The Role of the Life Sciences Specialist (LSS)

In our Americas, Europe, and Asia offices, we offer PhDs and MDs the unique position of Life Sciences Specialist (LSS). As an LSS, you gain comprehensive training that integrates science, business and economics to prepare you for strategic leadership in the healthcare and life sciences industry. You will not only be a technical expert, but also a business expert, developing cutting-edge strategic and managerial skills that provide a strong foundation for a career at L.E.K.  

Life Sciences Specialists work collaboratively with peers and senior leadership to define initial hypotheses, direct and control research and analytical work, and produce fact-based and analytically robust conclusions.

While casework needs will vary every day, your role will involve:

  • Conducting primary and secondary research on markets, competitors and customers
  • Applying your technical and scientific expertise to client issues
  • Performing rigorous analysis to pinpoint appropriate, practical recommendations for your clients
  • Collaborating with team members to transform research and analysis into thoughtful insights that deliver maximum impact for your clients

For Advanced Degree candidates, L.E.K. offers the opportunity to build on your academic foundation and follow a fast track to the role of Consultant. 

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