Victim or Messiah — Terminal Values and NPV, and What You Can Do About It

Volume XVIII, Issue 42
October 28, 2016

Kodak. Booksellers. Alarm clocks. The landline. All well-documented victims of the first wave of digital disruption. Fast forward a few years. The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Business models that were cornerstones of our economy over the past century — the taxi industry (vs. Uber), the TV industry (vs. OTT services like Netflix), the hotel industry even (vs. Airbnb) — are already suddenly starting to look questionable within a very short period of time. And this, unfortunately, is before disruption driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence really hits us in full force.

In this Executive Insights, London partner Ashish Khanna discusses how companies should think about evaluating projects and products, and how equity investors can value companies in this new world of disruptive technologies.