Industrials Consulting

L.E.K. Consulting is renowned as a leading adviser to the diverse Industrial sector, with more than 3,000 projects completed around the world.  The leaders and experts at L.E.K. have the deep industry and operational expertise required to give our clients a lasting competitive advantage

Industrials Overview

L.E.K.’s practice leaders have a deep understanding of the commercial and operational dynamics of industrial companies, with expertise across all major industry segments. We combine our industry knowledge with rigorous analytical approach and fresh market insights to provide senior executives with the strategic guidance they need to achieve a genuine competitive advantage. We help companies within industrial equipment, building products, chemicals, packaging and a wide range of other sectors to capitalize on industrial sector trends and focus on high potential growth initiatives.

Industrial distribution companies offer tens of thousands, if not millions, of product SKUs, and SKU expansion makes it more challenging for businesses to understand their entire SKU portfolio’s performance and optimize them accordingly. Clients are increasingly turning to L.E.K. to help them optimize SKU management in industrial distribution. Please see our Advanced Analytics Solutions overview for more details.

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