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Rob is an Associate Consultant.
Simren is an Associate.
Michael is a Consultant.
John is an Associate.
James is an Associate.

Life After L.E.K.

In early 2000, I took up a role as Strategy Manager in the digital media division of John Fairfax Holding (Fairfax). Fairfax is a publicly listed media business with substantial newspaper and digital media businesses in Australia and New Zealand.
After L.E.K., I joined Pfizer's Strategic Management Group – an internal strategy team that works closely with the senior Research and Development executives. As a Senior Director in the group, I guided matrixed teams on a variety of strategic initiatives.
What I knew after two years as an investment banking analyst was that I was less interested in financial transactions and more in business strategy, that I really wanted to work in a highly personal environment, that I actually liked the analytical nature of the job, and that I was looking for a better work-life balance.
Post business school, I knew I wanted to work in strategy consulting for a smaller firm with top-tier clients, strong growth and advancement opportunities. L.E.K.'s focus on growth was a great influencer -- the emphasis on merger and acquisition, private equity and valuation was a great complement to the skills I held...

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