International Opportunities

Nothing adds dimension and perspective to your career like international experience. Many of our engagements have this component, so you will work on a global scale. At L.E.K., you can see the world while helping to shape it. No matter which office you call home, you’ll develop a diverse and global network of inspiring peers.

We encourage our people to take advantage of the opportunities our global presence offers. Through our SWAP program, you can switch positions with a peer in another country for six months. This program offers you valuable grounding in the dynamics of international business and the chance to experience life in another country.



Associate Consultant

"I joined L.E.K.’s Shanghai Office in 2012 after graduation and I took part in the SWAP program in Boston. This was a fantastic learning opportunity for me to work in a different country and work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Project mixes in Shanghai and Boston are slightly different and I enjoyed working on projects across various industries that were mostly new to me. Working and living in a new country for six months, it is also fascinating to experience the local life and culture in person."

Associate Consultant

"The SWAP program is an incredible and unique opportunity to explore another part of the world and experience L.E.K.’s global reach. My time on SWAP in London gave me a chance to work on a range of interesting projects and markets that I would not have been exposed to in Australia. On top of this, I was able to work with a group of smart and fun people, reaffirming my appreciation for the strength and global nature of the L.E.K. culture."


"L.E.K. offers unparalleled opportunities for professional and personal advancement and makes every effort to support you in achieving your goals. By participating in L.E.K.’s SWAP program to our office in Sydney, Australia, I was able to grow professionally by learning new ways to problem solve in an international environment, which will continue to be important as our clients are often global. Additionally, I was able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live abroad, which was personally fulfilling for myself and my family."


"I moved to the Tokyo office after a year in the Melbourne office as a Consultant. Working in a growing office provided plenty of ‘step-up’ opportunities, and allowed me to become more involved in recruiting and training activities. During my time in Tokyo, I had the opportunity to develop my case management skills within diverse team structures and learn more about the global L.E.K. network."