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Welcome to the L.E.K. Knowledge Center. Here you will find our latest thought leadership series, Executive Insights, which shares our leaders’ deep expertise and capabilities across a range of industries. The Knowledge Center also offers compelling case studies that demonstrate how L.E.K. helps to achieve exceptional business results for our clients; valuable recruiting videos where you can glean insights about life at L.E.K., learn questions that our team asks during the interview process, practice case interview questions and much more; and original articles published in top business publications covering a broad spectrum of topics of interest to executives. 

Executive Insights

Volume XIX, Issue 70 By: David Bishop, David Ferrarin

Amazon will launch its Australian platform in late 2017. In this Executive Insights, we share perspectives on the key factors and impact mitigation strategies for retailers.

Volume XIX, Issue 69 By: Bill Frack, Andrew Garibaldi

Through over-reimbursement and under-reimbursement, Medicare Advantage — the first real “retail” health insurance market of scale — has consistently penetrated the Medicare marketplace over the past 20 years. This Executive Insights looks at factors behind the continued growth Medicare Advantage enrollment.

Volume XIX, Issue 68 By: Simon Horan, Tim McGrath, Peter Smith, Aubry Pierre

It’s the moment when the rubber hits the road: You have made the strategic choices, or refreshed your operating model, or set ambitious performance improvement targets. It is time for action, but regardless of the choices you’ve made, it all comes down to the critical question of how best to activate change. Frankly, what is the best way of “getting stuff done”?

Published Articles

How Biosimilar Companies Can Survive An Uncertain Future

An article recently published on Biosimilar Development identified and described six company archetypes that currently make up the biosimilar market: opportunists, bio powerhouses, biosimilar machines, generic giants, bio wizzes, and genericists. 

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Clinical Liquid Biopsy Explained: Applications, Techniques, And Players

The field known as liquid biopsy was born on the backs of novel molecular technologies. But liquid biopsy is not limited to ctDNA, and may include detection of other cancer-derived particles, including exosomes harboring tumor RNA and circulating tumor cells (CTCs).

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Time for Medtechs to Rethink GPOs?

Medtech companies have long had a complicated relationship with group purchasing organizations (GPOs), especially with the nationals GPOs. GPOs offer opportunity for greater market coverages and efficient contracting, both of which benefit medtechs and their provider customers.

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