Training and Development Programs

When you join L.E.K., you take the first step toward accelerating your career as a business leader. We invest heavily in the career development of every consulting professional at L.E.K. and give frequent, individual feedback. But results are what count, and the record of success is impressive:

  • Our training program is developed to prepare our staff for success at L.E.K. and beyond
  • Associates enter, and excel in, the top business schools and graduate programs worldwide
  • Those who choose to leave L.E.K. are recruited by large corporations, private equity firms and start-ups, and quickly advance to senior positions

The professional experience, training and mentoring we offer to our consulting professionals creates a springboard to advancement and Partner status, as well as other future endeavors.

Quality of Professional Experience
All of our business strategy development, M&A and value management services involve formulating and delivering advice on the toughest, highest value issues our clients face. Our consulting professionals are exposed to the big picture, as well as senior executive challenges and how to meet them. Our focus is on solving tough issues rather than implementing processes.

Variety of Work
Staff is allocated to a wide range of projects, and our cases average about 4-8 weeks in length. The result is that our professionals are continually exposed to new industries and new challenges. There is no better or faster way to develop strategy consulting and business leadership skills. In addition to typical casework, we offer select opportunities to broaden experience through international assignment and client engagements.

Immediate Responsibility
Our unique structure, two Associates for each Consultant, gives every team member significant responsibility. Consultants have management responsibility from day one with the opportunity to test hypotheses with data and analysis, and to generate understanding and insight faster and further. Associates have immediate responsibility to get the facts and analysis right and, as they gain experience, become increasingly involved in guiding the analytical progress of a case and the efforts of more junior team members.

Partner Interface
You will have frequent interactions with the Partners, who spend 70% of their time delivering casework and ensuring the overall quality of advice. This presents an unparalleled opportunity to challenge your thinking and develop commercial judgment.

Training begins on the first day of employment with an orientation designed to provide employees with an initial introduction to the firm and the tools necessary for on-going success.

Tailored to the needs of your position, regular training sessions supplement on-the-job experience. Ongoing courses cover detailed technical topics relating directly to work, as well as wider topics of general business interest and education. The objectives of these courses are to:

  • Provide knowledge and skills required in the practice of strategy consulting
  • Reinforce consistent high standards in the execution of our work
  • Keep the firm in the forefront of methodological and conceptual development
  • Provide opportunities for professional and personal development

Mentor Program
Each office provides a mentoring program specific to the needs of its staff. Each new employee is assigned a mentor who helps guide the employee through day-to-day project challenges and career decisions.

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