Flexible Work Options

L.E.K. is committed to supporting our staff in achieving balanced, rewarding careers and full lives.

Here are a few ways that we support our staff to create an enriching and rewarding work/life experience:

Flexible Schedules

We strive to find the individual solutions that allow you to realize your potential both in your career and your life outside of work. For example, we offer reduced work schedules, flexible hours and telecommuting.

Breaks When You Need Them

Additional Time Off: We recognize team members who have worked exceptionally long hours on a case by giving them additional time off – or “comp time” – as recognition of their extra work.

Sabbaticals: Life gets busy and we understand that. This program allows you to take extended time off from work. You can use this unpaid leave for any reason you choose while maintaining full-time employment status with L.E.K.

Family Leave Time: The demands of an exciting and rewarding career can at times be challenging to balance with the demands of family. So as a firm we make it a priority to help working parents thrive.

Secondments: L.E.K. provides opportunities for staff to take a break from case work, and take a secondment, temporarily working within a client’s organization. Our people integrate into a client’s business, working closely with their teams to deliver specific projects.




"At times, casework can be intensive, and working hours can temporarily disrupt your work-life balance. Although this is an unavoidable reality of management consulting, L.E.K. takes a proactive approach to regaining that work-life balance with the TOIL (Time Off In Lieu) program. Towards the end of each of my hours-intensive cases with L.E.K., the HR team and my case-team managers have approached me and ensured that I received time off in lieu to rest and recuperate before starting on my next assignment. This not only allowed me to rest, recover and catch up on lost time with family and friends, but it showed me that the L.E.K. management team cares about maintaining the work-life balance of their employees."


"L.E.K. has been extremely accommodating upon my return to work from maternity leave. The Partners and staff have been both supportive and understanding of my commitment outside of work, and actively sought to ease my transition back to the workplace. I now have all the benefits – the flexibility of a part-time workload, with all the career development opportunities I enjoyed as a full-time employee."


"I have always appreciated the traffic light system as it helps to maintain work/life balance by encouraging case teams to plan their working hours one week ahead. The advantage of the process is that it creates the expectation that the team will leave the office at the normal time on all other days that week, allowing social plans to be made accordingly."


"Managing work-life balance in consulting is not always straightforward. However, we are fortunate that L.E.K. recognizes this and encourages parents to set the appropriate boundaries between work and family life. I block my calendar in the mornings and the evenings so that I can spend time with my kids and wife. By being transparent about this, teams know what my constraints are and can work around them."