MedTech Services

L.E.K. combines strategic acumen with extensive industry insight to help clients enhance business performance and gain market share via our service offerings – Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Marketing & Sales and Strategy Activation.


Service Sample Service Components
Finding and Prioritizing
Growth Opportunities
  • Quantify market needs and revenue opportunities
  • Assess customer’s key needs and unmet needs
  • Screen and gather intelligence on emerging products
  • Develop international expansion strategy
  • Develop market or therapeutic entry strategy 
Product Launch Planning
  • Conduct prelaunch planning and research
  • Understand and prioritize product benefits
  • Optimize product features and varieties through value analysis and customer research
  • Optimize product pricing (e.g., based on elasticity, analogues)
  • Define sales, distribution and reimbursement strategy
  • Conduct competitive intelligence and pipieline analysis
Product Portfolio Management
  • Prioritize indication expansion options
  • Conduct product innovation / enhancement analysis
  • Define optimal product line extensions 
M&A and Partnerships
  • Screen for potential target opportunities
  • Conduct commercial due diligence
  • Develop valuations of targets
  • Perform licensing and joint venture assessments
  • Conduct post-merger integration
Government Affairs, Regulatory
& Reimbursement Services
  • Advocacy and policy development support
  • Product submissions, approvals and post-marketing regulatory support
  • Global and regional pricing strategy development
  • Reimbursement pricing analysis and process support

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