Defense Procurement Consulting


L.E.K. was instrumental in reviewing a major Western European ministry’s procurement report, providing in-depth scrutiny of equipment and support of historical and projected expenditure, as well as evaluating major changes in the structure and operation of the ministry’s procurement organization.

Client Issues

As governments tighten their defense budgets, clients must consider the expectations of these administrations, Namely, that the administrations will be able to pay for their military assets without adding to these costs at the time of delivery. They need to ask:

  • How can we reduce the direct and overhead cost of equipment and programs, and provide our governments with the best war-fighting assets?
  • How can we deliver programs on schedule?
  • How can new procedures or processes help reduce the volatility in the cost of acquiring weapons and other products?

Examples of Our Work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

  • A government ministry and munitions manufacturer employed L.E.K. to conduct an independent review of its contract to supply medium, heavy and small-arms ammunition at a benchmark price. L.E.K.’s analysis uncovered assumptions in the contract that resulted in a misunderstanding of the agreed price, and helped negotiate a new agreement between the two parties.
  • L.E.K. supported the UK Ministry of Defence and Bernard Gray in a wide-ranging and independent review of defence acquisition with the intent of making “recommendations to secure better value for money in major acquisition programs.” Working with the review team, our experts provided high-quality, objective and independent analytical work that helped the review meet its brief. Read More

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