Aerospace Equipment Consulting


L.E.K.’s aerospace equipment clients are found at all levels of the industry, from major commercial and defense-focused OEMs to suppliers throughout the supply chain; from Tier 1 through components and consumables manufacturers.  L.E.K. is also the leading adviser to the general and business aviation sectors, advising manufacturers and OEMs producing the largest business jets to the smallest piston-driven aircraft. We have carried out numerous strategic evaluations at both the corporate and divisional level, provided major performance improvement insights, and supported many transformational acquisitions through commercial due diligence and post-acquisition implementation for leading aerospace equipment OEMs.

L.E.K. has a well-deserved reputation for providing quality analysis that helps aerospace companies develop portfolio strategies that drive growth. We also help our clients improve their manufacturing performance and develop new businesses.

L.E.K.’s framework for portfolio strategy and growth helps clients make strategic sense of their addressable market, as well as their organizational structure. By developing genuine economic understanding of operational activities, we help clients explore the role of a facility (such as a manufacturing plant) within a company to determine how to achieve performance improvement that will create additional value. To do this, we develop market forecasts, growth strategies, studies of new product opportunities, regional growth analyses, sales strategies, contract negotiation strategy, supplier management strategies, and road maps. L.E.K.’s use of process mapping, activity risk assessment and simulation techniques helps clients quantify the risks involved in developing new aerospace and defense equipment.

Client Issues

Clients who partner with L.E.K.’s aerospace and defense practice should be prepared to think about the following questions:

  • Given equipment performance capabilities, what pricing can I expect to command in future markets?
  • How are regional markets evolving and how are my products aligned with these evolving needs?
  • How are my key supplier and customer relationships evolving and what are the implications for my rate of innovation and my cost structure?
  • What is the role of each business or grouping in the overall corporate portfolio and what development options exist?
  • What are the major strategic initiatives that will determine the future of each business and what value do these create?
  • In the case of a facility, what are its capabilities and should we invest in retaining the site?
  • What tools, models, or techniques are best-in-class when evaluating risk and its impact on a new development project?

Examples of Our Work

To learn more about how we help clients create value in the aerospace equipment sector, please refer to these additional case examples:

  • A niche landing-gear manufacturer engaged L.E.K. to develop a strategy to supply the commercial, business aviation and helicopter markets. L.E.K. also assessed opportunities in adjacent segments such as hydraulic systems and identified and analyzed acquisition targets.
  • In a separate engagement, L.E.K. devised a business plan to grow the international air-traffic-control business of a U.S. aviation agency based on its assessment of the global and regional trends in this sector.
  • L.E.K. helped a major general aviation OEM to identify a gap in the personal / business-aircraft market and to design and launch a new aircraft based on an existing platform to target this gap. The new aircraft was a major success for the company, becoming one of its leading products and profit centers.
  • A major Tier 1 supplier asked L.E.K. to help develop a new system concept to support a supply-contract bid for a new wide-body commercial airframe program. Leveraging our deep experience working with airline clients, we helped the company define new features and capabilities for the system as well as quantify the incremental value creation these capabilities would offer. We also supported the company in developing its negotiation strategy for the contract.

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