Sales Force Effectiveness


The pressure to generate strong sales growth for a company is intense, especially in the current slow growth economic environment. To compound matters, many companies that experienced downsizing in sales and key support areas during the recession have been slow to bring resources back. Additionally, demands for support and responsiveness from customers continue to go up, putting more pressure on sales teams and supporting functions. The combination of these factors has forced many companies to re-examine their sales strategies, sales organizations and key processes to drive higher productivity and return on investment from their sales resources.

L.E.K. brings analytical firepower and best practices to identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement. We focus on generating quick wins while helping our clients build their sales capabilities for the long-term. In our experience, working closely with clients on these issues often yields incremental revenue growth of ~3-10% with low-to-no incremental capital investment.

Examples of Our Work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:
  • Helped a global business process outsourcing company transform its sales force, to realize near-term profitable growth and long-term structural improvement in the effectiveness of its sales force.
  • Optimized channel performance and enhanced sales force effectiveness for a furniture manufacturer.
  • Addressed several sales function challenges for a packaging company, including evaluating the sales function and helping the management team identify strengths and gaps in the performance of its sales force, sales processes and management. We also prioritized opportunities and validated their potential impact, and developed a detailed implementation plan to support execution and realization of the benefits.
  • Helped a pro-audio equipment OEM align its sales strategy and sales force.
  • Developed the optimal sales force structure for a global airline.

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