Organizational Strategy Consulting


L.E.K. Consulting's approach to organizational excellence (OEX) addresses the six key dimensions of organizational strategy:

  1. Key requirements for the organizational blueprint
  2. Operating model
  3. Decision rights
  4. Detailed organization
  5. Performance management
  6. Talent development

Choices across these six dimensions must be made in an integrated manner. Most companies face significant challenges doing this, and efficiency and effectiveness issues can arise:

  • Efficiency issues result in higher costs (e.g., in overhead, manufacturing or cost of sales)
  • Effectiveness issues result in poor decision-making, lack of accountability and slow processes

We support our clients by taking them through this integrated set of choices, and closely linking organizational choices with business portfolio and strategic positioning choices.

Our OEX diagnostic tool provides a fast-cycle assessment of existing organizational performance through a structured online or app-based survey. The data-rich output allows for rapid identification of organizational issues, and we use it as a foundation for many organizational strategy interventions.

Examples of Our Work

In recent organizational strategy engagements, L.E.K. has successfully:

  • Created a new organizational strategy for a FTSE 100 engineering business, including decision rights, accountabilities and a transformation plan
  • Redesigned global sales and marketing functions, as well as back-office and corporate support, for a leading packaging services company, as part of its acquisition of a competitor, to capture synergies and give the combined company an advantaged position to serve a global customer base
  • Redesigned the global R&D organization of a leading global pharmaceutical company
  • Completed an organizational transformation for a Fortune 500 company, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue benefits over the first three years
  • Assisted a biotechnology startup with a soon-to-be-approved blockbuster diabetes medication develop an organizational scale-up plan to fully launch the product and realize sales targets
  • For a leading global manufacturer of professional grade equipment, designed and supported the implementation of a customer-centric organization to help unlock sales growth potential
  • Redesigned the global R&D function of a leading nutrition company to drive quicker responsiveness to customer insights and enable efficiency of global resources and thought leaders
  • Helped a diagnostic solution provider transform its business model for faster and lower-cost execution
  • Led the fundamental transformation of a multi-billion dollar bedding company’s sales organization, resulting in over $10M in cost savings from a more efficient sales organization design

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