Strategy Activation Case Studies

After enlisting L.E.K. Consulting to provide commercial due diligence on a pharmaceutical company, a U.K. private equity (PE) firm acquired the corporation. The global PE firm again turned to L.E.K. to lead the post-acquisition work for the U.S.-based company, and immediately enhance the value of its new portfolio company.

A leading manufacturer and distributor of athletic and fashion-inspired apparel and accessories was seeking greater profitability and operating efficiency. The manufacturer turned to L.E.K. Consulting to identify ways to reduce its working capital and improve inventory management efficiency.

A regional frozen food products manufacturer was seeing its sales drop dramatically as competition intensified – taking share at retail outlets and also pressuring the price premium that the company once commanded. Further, the company’s product line was narrow, which concentrated its risk and limited its growth opportunities. Amid these volatile market conditions, the company’s board appointed a new management team in an attempt to reverse the company’s stock price, which had plummeted more than 50% during the past year.

A major U.S. airline had recently undergone a merger and was struggling to transition into a cohesive operation. During the six months prior, the operational performance, and on-time performance in particular, had been at an unacceptable level. There was no perceptible trend of recovery.

One of Europe’s largest retail banks was planning to introduce a new incentive scheme for the branch and customer service managers of their network from Q1 2009. This scheme was to be based on the drivers of Net Promoter Scores (NPS). The client asked L.E.K. Consulting to assist in developing the new incentive scheme to motivate value-maximizing behavior, and increase NPS.

The client, a mid-tier global pharmaceutical company, approached L.E.K. Consulting with an impending revenue “cliff” due to loss of patent exclusivity on a number of key products.

L.E.K.’s client acquired two leading hair transplant companies separately within the past decade to expand its presence in the U.S. hair loss solutions market.

Growing demand for healthcare services is placing an increasing burden on public health systems at a time of fiscal austerity, forcing governments to look at new models to deliver improved healthcare outcomes at lower cost.

A company owning a novel, best-in-class digital media recognition technology asked L.E.K. Consulting to assist in its go-to-market business strategy.

A leading French restaurant chain, which had already achieved substantial success with a network of more than 300 restaurants situated in virtually every large French city suburb, was eager to enter its next phase of growth. Recognising the need to diversify its approach, the client engaged L.E.K. Consulting to develop a new restaurant concept to target smaller French cities.