Australian Public Transport Barometer – June 2018

The Australian Public Transport Barometer has been developed in partnership between the Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) and L.E.K. to provide up-to-date insights about the performance of major metropolitan public transport networks in Australia. Each edition monitors public transport across Australia as well as explores the specific challenges and opportunities facing service providers. 

The Barometer promotes the role of public transport in Australian capital cities and looks at how operators are achieving improvements in customer service nationwide. 

In each edition of the Barometer, we examine a specific issue affecting public transport in Australia. ‘In the Spotlight’ this time observes how public transport patronage has seen different fortunes based on geographical location and mode. We explore the rising congestion levels in Australian capital cities and the subsequent impacts on public transportation. 

TTF & L.E.K. Consulting Public Transport Barometer July 2015

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Heading East: Biopharma International Expansion to China and Asia

China’s rapidly growing economy has helped drive unprecedented growth in its healthcare market. Driven by pro-innovation and pro-biotechnology policy trends, China is becoming a prime market for biopharmaceutical companies globally; nearly 90% of the firms in L.E.K.’s biopharma survey expressed interest in a China expansion. Furthermore, Asia, not only contains 60 percent of the world’s population, it also accounts for 30% of the world’s GDP and pharmaceutical spending.  

While recent policy reforms in China are expected to create enormous opportunities for global firms, China nevertheless remains a complicated market for emerging biotech companies and multinational corporations alike. 

This Special Report highlights the potential opportunities, entry approaches and local partner selection, and also include recommendations on market acceleration and internationalization.

The Ultimate Consumer Good: Education Trends in China

Chinese private education is improving in quality and availability, driven by an increasingly affluent, urban, and cosmopolitan population. Choosy Chinese education consumers are advantage seeking, premium preferring, and internationally minded. How should investors and operators respond? L.E.K. Consulting Global Education Practice investigates.

Paying for the Cure - Transforming the Financing of Novel Therapies

With a growing and increasingly prosperous middle class in the Asia-Pacific region that is still not able to fully pay for long-term advanced therapy, it is time to rethink the traditional models of funding cutting-edge and high-cost pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Properly designed, innovative financing models may enable more patients to access new treatments without the fear of crippling financial consequences.

This Special Report examines current healthcare models in the Asia-Pacific region as well as potential solutions for designing innovative financial models that will serve a greater proportion of the society, thus reducing the out-of-pocket burden for the large middle-class population and potentially disrupting the industry.

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Mobility as a Service: The Next Transport Disruption – A Perspective from China

Uniting different transport modes and providers under a single platform towards seamless end-to-end journey delivery, Mobility as a Service (“MaaS”) is likely to be a major part of the next wave of disruption in passenger transport. This Special Report examines how MaaS is expected to transform the mobility ecosystem in China, and how various parties ecosystem should engage with the revolution and unlock the value of MaaS.

The China Tourism Economy: Reaching Australia's Potential

The China Tourism Economy: Reaching Australia’s Potential is a new report published by L.E.K. in partnership with the Australia China Business Council, the Victorian Government and Trade Victoria. This report, based on extensive interviews with Chinese visitors and senior executives from across the tourism, trade and related sectors, shows there is a lot more work to do if Australia is to capture the full value from the Chinese tourism boom. A new generation of Chinese people who are keen on travel, will form ongoing economic ties, settle down and spend big when they do.

Commercial Construction Poised for Growth but Traditional Drivers Take Back Seat

L.E.K. and Wells Fargo Securities put forth an encouraging yet realistic prediction in a September 2014 report alerting industry participants that the timing, speed and focus of the commercial construction recovery has likely changed. In “Commercial Construction Poised for Growth but Traditional Drivers Take Back Seat,” we analyzed each commercial subsector under the premise that growth and, more importantly, the drivers of that growth, will vary across the individual subsectors. Our conclusion: historical drivers in certain subsectors have changed and new ones have emerged, depicting a slower recovery than history would suggest (albeit still meaningful).

TTF & L.E.K. Consulting Public Transport Barometer: A Review of Key Public Transport Indicators for Australia

In this first edition we observe how public transport patronage across Australia has continued to grow for most modes compared to a year ago. We can also see how our measures of punctuality show a range of variability across different modes and cities. However punctuality is generally continuing to improve showing a multi-year trend (in particular Melbourne’s rail system). Historically, the number of public transport trips in Australia has grown faster than population growth and at an even faster rate when compared to private transport (e.g., car). We expect this modal shift to continue.

As Australia’s population grows notably to denser urban areas and the modal shift away from cars continues, the demand for public transport continues to increase. That’s a positive development: a well-utilised and efficient public transport system plays a vital role in our community. It brings economic gains, through cost savings from reduced congestion, as well as improved job creation and competitiveness. Public transport in Australia is provided to the community as a heavily subsidised service.

From China to the World: A Guide for Biopharmaceutical Investments

Commissioned by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, L.E.K. discusses the status of Chinese biopharma enterprises' overseas investment through a comprehensive analysis (available in Chinese only).


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