Development of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Pilots for New Zealand Transport Agency

Responding to the growing momentum for governments around the world to deliver mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) models, the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) sought to pilot the world’s first free real-time mobility app for travelers to Queenstown and Auckland.

L.E.K. Partner Mark Streeting talks to Martin McMullan, Director of Connected Journeys at the New Zealand Transport Agency about mobility as a service platforms and the challenges, inputs and outcomes of this innovative pilot.

The Key Challenges Facing the Education Sector Today

Education — the signature sector of the 21st century — faces challenges, including affordability and availability. Danish Kamal Faruqui speaks about these industry challenges and potential solutions at the IFC Global Education Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Danish is a Partner at L.E.K. Consulting, based in Mumbai and Singapore, and is a founding member and leader of the firm’s Education practice.

Sports Survey Digital Engagement Part One: Sports and the Millennial Problem

L.E.K.’s Managing Director, Alex Evans, shares the findings from a recent sports survey, which examined the media consumption patterns of millennials and how they engage in sports. He explains that while millennials engage in traditional sports, they consume via different platforms and venues. Alex concludes by offering sports industry leaders advice on how they can engage more effectively with this key demographic that is growing in economic clout.

Facing Amazon’s Threat in the Building Products Distribution (FR)


How to face Amazon on the building products segment? Which players will be mainly impacted? Which strengths should manufacturers and brick & mortar retailers use to keep market share against the Amazon threat in a sustainable way? Discover L.E.K. Consulting Partner Maxime Julian’s interview illustrating the outputs of the recent survey analyzing 200 French Building contractors feedback.

How Major Changes in the U.S. Healthcare System Are Impacting MedTech Companies


The U.S. healthcare market is undergoing big changes, not just regarding healthcare reform, but also due to the broader fundamentals of healthcare itself.  L.E.K.’s Managing Director, Monish Rajpal, discusses how these changes impact how MedTech companies go to market and what questions clients are asking L.E.K.  As many inquiries pertain to provider behavioral changes, segmentation has become a big focus.

The Three “Ts” of Successful M&A


In mature industries, M&A is often seen as a route to accelerated growth, and there are many examples of businesses successfully pursuing this as a growth strategy. However, achieving the desired outcomes proves elusive for many.  L.E.K.’s Partner, Karin von Kienlin, explores the factors that separate success from failure in European M&A, quantifies the share of European transactions that created value over a 10-year period, and examines why they have beaten the odds.

Asian Market Entry and Growth Strategy for a Multinational Building Materials Organization


L.E.K.’s Southeast Asia Partner, Manas Tamotia, talks about global building materials in Asia and a key client that wanted to enter and grow in this market. The client’s strategy team, faced with entry challenges as well as limited business knowledge of the region, partnered with an L.E.K. team who were able to help the global organization enter, establish and maximize its potential for growth.

Organization and Performance: Creating Successful Transformation at a Major Australian Healthcare Company


Faced with increasing competition and a slowing of new product innovation, the executive of a major healthcare organization in Southeast Asia sought significant change. L.E.K.’s Stephanie Newey, Healthcare and Organization & Performance Practice Partner, lead the development and implementation of a transformation program that would see the organization reimagine its vision, improve its leadership and innovation capability, and foster an agile culture.

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