Food & beverage (F&B) companies are clamoring for opportunities in emerging countries that have a growing appetite and demand for snack foods. China, with it's growing and constantly changing economic landscape, holds significant opportunity for these F&B companies.

Carol Wingard, one of the founding partners in the L.E.K. Consulting China office, discusses a case where a leading global brand was targeting exponential growth in China. L.E.K. created a market channel optimization application that the clients' field employees used to help evaluate and prioritize new markets in China. L.E.K. was able to deliver their sales and marketing directors a practical analytics tool to help them assess how their products were performing in certain cities and regions in China. The company saw an exponential increase in sales and they continue to use the L.E.K. model to identify insights into distribution models for new markets to ensure they maintain their leadership position in the Chinese F&B industry.

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