In the third and final installment of our Executive Insights’ "Spotlight on Media & Entertainment" series on Over-the-top (OTT) TV trends, we take a look at OTT as a mature market phenomenon, whether TV organizations are digital ready, how this big opportunity poses new challenges for TV organizations, and what OTT TV network launches require to be successful.

At this point, those in the OTT TV-ready mindset face significant content acquisition challenges. L.E.K. recommends four criteria for a successful OTT launch, as well as the establishment of viable pricing for content and the methods to get consumers and investors on board with your particular offerings.

Find out if your organization is ready to take on OTT TV.

Please see part one of this series to learn more about the questions surrounding the growth of OTT services and part two to learn about the effects of OTT on traditional TV viewing, cable services and premium networks.