Adapting commercial models to the changing U.S. customer landscape continues to be a key priority for medtechs. Ongoing provider consolidation, increased emphasis on economic value and a more centralized, administrator-oriented approach to purchasing are among the elements impacting the legacy commercial models of medtechs. 

With sales increasingly coming from fewer accounts, it is imperative that medtechs review and, where necessary, revamp commercial strategies to ensure sales coverage and capabilities address customers’ changing needs. Medtechs’ ability to tailor their approaches to different customer segments and to clearly demonstrate their value using specific tools and/or diagnostic approaches will go a long way toward achieving prosperity. 

In this Executive Insights, we assess how medtech commercial approaches are being reshaped by changing customer preferences on several key fronts, and how across these dimensions, there has been a noteworthy shift from product-centric to customer-centric commercialization efforts.

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