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As a substitute for animal meat and dairy products, the evolution of plant-based protein has been rapid. Two years ago, the prevailing question about the category was “Will it last?” Today, the questions for many companies and investors are both “How big can it be?” and “How do we participate in this space?”

In this episode, we’ll discuss how companies participating in the plant-based protein revolution are focused on product improvements. You’ll gain insights into how the momentum in this space presents multiple opportunities for companies and investors.

  • Jen Wu, a member of the firm's Retail and Consumer Products practice, where she has deep expertise in food and beverage growth strategies and M&A

  • Rob Wilson, who specializes in L.E.K.'s Consumer Products sector with a more specific focus on the Food and Beverage practice

  • Maria Steingoltz, Head of L.E.K. Consulting’s Chicago office; she works in the retail consumer sector with a special focus in food and beverage, as well as beauty and personal care

Interested in learning more? Read our Special Report, Plant-Based and Cell-Based Protein Boom: Opportunities Across the F&B Value Chain.

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