While the rights and wrongs of Brexit are still being argued, most observers accept that the referendum decision will have far-reaching repercussions for the U.K., Europe and the global community – fundamentally altering the political, economic and commercial landscape.

For businesses, strategy always necessitates making calculated guesses about the future. The arrival of Brexit makes the job much harder as the constants of the past few decades have been removed and organisations will be forced to rethink their corporate initiatives and priorities.

In times of significant discontinuity, one approach to business strategy stands above others: Scenario Planning. It is a powerful tool for dealing with uncertainty, allowing executives to move away from making mere forecasts, and instead developing a number of scenarios that describe alternative ways in which the future might unfold.

In this highly topical Executive Insights, L.E.K. Partner Aubry Pierre set out four possible scenarios for a post-Brexit world, and explain how to develop a winning strategy for an uncertain future.

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