Companies from all industries ask L.E.K. to help with their carbon management strategy: Public entities need to build relevant regulations, NGOs seek to manage their relationships with various stakeholders, and investors must identify the best investment opportunities among carbon management and environment projects.

Our clients face challenges and questions in the following areas:

  • How should policymakers address the development of new climate change policy mechanisms?
  • In the power generation industry, what are the different energy storage business models and their sustainability?
  • What is the profile of current and forecast emission sources, by geography and industry?
  • What is the existing commercial-scale project activity in carbon capture and storage (CCS)?
  • As a service provider, how can I implement carbon issues/sustainability into my strategy? Will my customers be willing to pay?

How we help

L.E.K. has been involved in environment and carbon management projects since the early 1990s. Our expertise in the field is well-known, and many stakeholders industrials, associations, government authorities, NGOs turn to us to develop their environmental strategies, identify growth opportunities or analyze the impact of new carbon emission regulations.

We bring a unique combination of analysis and insight to the environment and carbon management area, leveraging experience gained from pioneering studies in low-carbon service development, regulation, low-carbon supply chain management, CCS and strategic corporate carbon-reduction initiatives.

L.E.K. is the first major management consultancy to become carbon-neutral throughout its global operations.

Examples of our work

We have a long-established relationship with the Carbon Trust. Over this time, we have carried out a large number of studies on renewable energy topics for that agency, many of which have been published. The publications include:

  • An evaluation of the economics of biomass and the implications for government subsidies
  • A review of the UK renewable energy policy
  • An overview of solutions developed to enable the commercialization of low-carbon technologies
  • An evaluation of the market for carbon offsets

In November 2009, we published our work with the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute to assess technologies and prioritize the institute’s investments around the world. Key dimensions include the most attractive technologies and configurations based on maturity, performance and cost; the most relevant emitting industries, including both the largest emitting sectors and those that already conduct separation; and the geographic distribution of emissions and storage sites.

L.E.K. also:

  • Worked with the Carbon Trust to develop the first carbon footprint measurement, which led to the publication of the “Carbon Footprint Measurement Methodology.”
  • Conducted the work that enabled the Carbon Trust to launch a carbon label in the UK.
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