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New study finds that hospitals will focus on staffing, supply chains and outsourced service providers as they emerge from pandemic

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More hospitals want to bring supply chain in-house: Survey

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Novel pet food ingredients call for consumer education

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Kristin Graham joins L.E.K. as Partner

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High rents insecure work stressing out young Australians

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Beauty & Wellness Briefing: The beverages coming for your beauty routine (Subscription required)

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Hospital Device Company Partnership Trends to Consider (Subscription required)

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International schools shift to new markets after China boom stalls (Subscription required)

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Construction firms willing to pay sustainability premiums

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Women in Pharma – Karin von Kienlin Pharmapack 2023

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Construction firms willing to pay sustainability premiums

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Mit Selbstbewusstsein und Wechselakkus – Nio startet Modelloffensive in Europa

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Scrip Asks…What Does 2023 Hold For Biopharma? Part 7: Clinical Trial Trends (Subscription required)

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World Mosquito Program partners with Hatch to tackle diseases

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Wall Street Backs New Class of Psychedelic Drugs (Subscription required)

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Shein’s the No. 2 Brand for Instagram Influencers. Here’s the Titan They Can’t Stop Buzzing About. (Subscription required)

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Impact funds help fight dementia and antibiotic resistance (Subscription required)

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It’s a Richcession, Not a Recession. Here’s Your Investing Playbook. (Subscription required)


Chinesische Billighersteller überschwemmen den europäischen E-Automarkt

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Go Global Or Stay Home? Geopolitics, Funding Crunch May Force China Biotechs To Choose (Subscription required)

Vision Mobility

LEK Consulting: China überrollt EU-Automarkt

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Studie: Ökologie für europäische Bauunternehmen sehr wichtig


LEK Consulting: China erobert EU-Automarkt

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Study Finds Environmental Sustainability Tops the Strategic Agenda for European Building and Construction Contractors

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Pet supplement segment soaring