In my former role as head of L.E.K.’s Boston office I had the good fortune to work closely with, and be part of, the L.E.K. Women’s Network (WN). This opportunity allowed me to experience and participate in many of the initiatives and programs that the WN leadership created, promoted and continues to nurture today. The Women’s Network brings value to L.E.K. and each of us as individuals in a variety of ways, including our periodic WN article discussions, external speaker events and the Boston advisory board.


WN article discussions provide a forum for all of us within the firm to discuss press articles on various subjects related to women’s leadership. These sessions are open to everyone within the firm and are always well attended by staff at all levels. The open discussions aim to help individuals understand the role gender plays in the workplace and to acquire knowledge and information to better support each other in our daily lives and work. We all benefit from these discussions, which continue to support our efforts to drive diversity and inclusion. Some of the topics that stand out to me include:

  • Recognition that there are many different communication styles and that getting the best out of our teams requires allowing and encouraging diversity in styles
  • Recognition that recruiting and retaining senior women allows all of us to benefit from world-class business talent and diversity of views, which in turn helps to enable L.E.K.’s success
  • The importance of effectively building a personal brand (“How Women can Develop – and Promote – Their Personal Brand”), which is important to all of us
  • Insights into how to raise empowered daughters who are excited about considering building a career in business (“Money is Power. And Women Need More of Both”)
  • Making us all aware of the risks when unconscious bias permeates organizations


L.E.K.’s efforts are a continuous journey that aim to provide knowledge and develop skills to change attitudes and behaviors as we continue to strive to be the best workplace we can be for all of our staff. It is a long-term process that needs commitment and support to create inclusive environments. I welcome the opportunity to continue to be an active participant every day in these topics and discussions, not only for my own development but importantly for my three daughters. I want to encourage and support the type of environment that I would like my daughters to work in someday, and an environment in which diversity and inclusion are the norm.


Jon Piper