Twice a year, the Community Impact Committee in the L.E.K. Boston office gathers L.E.K.-ers to volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank. Just last week, several volunteers made a huge impact for the food insecure in New England. For reference, one in nine households is food insecure in Massachusetts, meaning that they don't have reliable access to food. The Greater Boston Food Bank is the largest hunger-relief organization in the New England area and relies heavily on volunteers to help sort and pack its food. 


All told, L.E.K. volunteers (along with a few non- L.E.K.ers):

  • Sorted 4,500 pounds of food (That's 146 pounds per person!)
  • Made 3,800 meals possible (122 meals made possible per volunteer)
  • Had a great time and made a tremendous impact on our local community

This is just one of the events that L.E.K. makes regular effort to support, as the community we live in affects all of us. For more information about how L.E.K. works in its local communities, visit our Community Support page.