At L.E.K. Consulting, diversity and inclusion are essential components of our business, and are also deeply embedded in our core values. Our work positively impacts millions of people around the world, and fostering an inclusive workplace is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Each member of our staff makes this work possible. As such, my focus at L.E.K. is to ensure that we as an organization provide an environment that celebrates individuality and allows us to flourish both personally and professionally.

  • My team and I are committed to building an environment that reflects our global footprint. This is important to us for several reasons:
    People who represent different genders, races, sexual orientation, and other characteristics each bring something unique to the table. A diverse workforce enhances our ability to best serve our client base and communities.
  • Diversity of perspectives and experiences is imperative in a world which is constantly changing. There is no better way to develop innovative ideas and solutions than to have contributors with varied backgrounds and experiences involved in their development.
  • The United States is a country that has historically brought different cultures together and has always had an ever-changing, growing and diversifying population. By 2044, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that we will become a majority-minority country for the first time. Women, who represented 30% of the U.S. workforce in 1950, currently comprise 46%. For every “people” business like L.E.K., embracing diversity and individuality is a critical component of long-term growth and success.
At L.E.K., we are investing heavily to promote diversity and inclusiveness throughout the firm, including:
  • We have expanded our recruiting efforts to reach women and members of under-represented minority groups on college and university campuses. In 2018, 47% of our incoming class in the U.S. are female or members of under-represented minority populations.
  • We support L.E.K. groups for women, the LGBTQ community, under-represented minorities, parents and veterans.
  • We require that our management and staff complete diversity awareness training, particularly so that we understand and eliminate unconscious biases.
  • Many of our U.S. Managing Directors serve as formal sponsors and mentors for women and under-represented minorities to guide career development.
  • We offer programs and benefits to help staff maintain long-term sustainable lifestyles, including new parental leave, part-time job opportunities, transitional roles for on-ramping new parents, job sharing and one-to-one parent coaching.

I want to stress that diversity and inclusion is not a single program at L.E.K. with a defined end point, but rather a journey that will involve continuing innovation and attention. Our goal is to continue building the world’s premier strategy-focused consulting firm with a diverse and inclusive workforce at the center of our strategy.

Peter McKelvey
L.E.K. Consulting