Executive Insights

Volume XVIII, Issue 5 | March 7, 2016 | By: Chris Randall, Alan Lewis

Today, the retail center model has taken one of its primary benefits — choice — to the extreme. In this Executive Insights, we explore the benefits of subscriptions services for retailers. Despite the relatively low number of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers that extend these offerings, the opportunities and benefits they present are certainly worth considering.

Volume XVIII, Issue 3 | February 26, 2016 | By: John Goddard, Aubry Pierre Annual CEO turnover rate and average departing CEO tenure Develop a clear strategy and activation plan

For most leaders, the step up to the CEO position is challenging. It evokes a wide array of emotions from excitement to apprehension. Having advised many new CEOs, we have developed deep insight into what makes a successful CEO. In this Executive Insights, we set out four critical actions to improve a new CEO’s chances of success.

Volume XVII, Issue 39 | December 30, 2015 | By: Robert Haslehurst, Chris Randall

In this Executive Insights, we address the different retail partnership models and hash out the benefits of partnering, the pitfalls and the key elements of success. Partnerships consist of more than just a "store-in-a-store" model. The right partnership can create a better value proposition for each business’s customers.

Volume XVII, Issue 37 | December 28, 2015 | By: Ashish Khanna, Jonathan Simmons Ownership Cost per Hour

The relentless forces of competition and the accelerating deployment of new technology is transforming the car industry. It is inevitable that – sooner or later – there will be driverless cars on the roads. In this Executive Insights, L.E.K.'s Ashish Khanna explores these questions and outlines the disruptive impact of driverless cars, not just on businesses within the automotive industry. He highlights how governments in particular, will be required to play a critical role in navigating this new era.

Volume XVII, Issue 32 | August 28, 2015 | By: Chris Randall, Alex Evans Key Retail Selection Criteria by Sector and Consumer Segment Core H&W Consumer Segment Brand Purchases H&W Brand Growth Matrix

In the second installment of this multipart Executive Insights series on health and wellness (H&W) trends, L.E.K. expands upon consumer groups and growth drivers to delve into each sector of H&W and offers six actionable themes for helping clients across all sectors identify which products, services and segments are most likely to achieve future growth — and why.

Volume XVII, Issue 31 | August 27, 2015 | By: Chris Randall, Alex Evans Core and Adjacent Segment Groups Brand Share by Segment for Select Active Apparel Brands Health & Wellness Consumer Segments

In Part One of this two-part Executive Insights series, L.E.K. hashes out the different consumer groups that exist in the H&W sector, and advises companies on building a strong growth strategy through identifying target consumers with research from a proprietary L.E.K. study of more than 2,500 adult consumers.

Volume XVII, Issue 30 | August 26, 2015 | By: Chris Randall, Alan Lewis

The traditional grocery store model and layout are at risk as online grocery increases in popularity and consumers crave a more organic and fresh approach. In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. advises traditional grocers on how to combat decreasing foot traffic and adjust to need for a true consumer experience.

Volume XVII, Issue 29 | August 20, 2015 | By: Manny Picciola, Chris Randall, Jon Weber, Rob Wilson Trade and Retail Margin Examples Sustaining Brand Appeal

Specialty grocery stores offer organic, gluten-free and healthier products, often from regionally based specialty-brands. However, this successful formula can make it difficult for specialty-brands to make the leap into the conventional retail channel and continue their growth trajectory. Find out what L.E.K. Consulting recommends for specialty-brands in this Executive Insights.

Volume XVII, Issue 27 | August 18, 2015 | By: Manny Picciola, Peter Walter, Maria Steingoltz Committed Consumers’ Willingness to Pay by Food Category Purchasing frequency by food category Commitment prevalence by food category and generation

L.E.K. conducted a consumer study to identify what motivates their food purchases and how committed they are to buying specialty foods. In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. outlines the implications for Big Food and agribusiness resulting from the tectonic shift that consumer behavior has taken, and how they can meet the soaring demand for more specialty food options.

Volume XVII, Issue 25 | July 28, 2015 | By: Diogo Silva, Dominic Miles Payments Value Chain and Competitive Landscape UK E-Wallet/Mobile Payments Landscape

The payments industry is in the midst of a revolution, with new companies, technologies and business models popping up at a steady rate. In this Executive Insights, L.E.K.'s Diogo Silva and Dominic Miles explain the five key trends driving opportunities – and complexity – for investors, and identify the payment business models that they believe offer the most attractive opportunities.