Executive Insights

Volume XIV, Issue 16 | June 29, 2012 | By: Helen Chen

L.E.K. Consulting believes that there are still advantages to using China as a component of your manufacturing strategy to reach consumers in this growing country, throughout Asia and globally. To that end, we have outlined six important insights to help corporate leaders gain a better understanding of opportunities in China – and in some cases, dispel misperceptions about doing business in this country.

Volume XIV, Issue 12 | May 9, 2012 | By: Alex Vadas, Sue St. Sure, Brian Baranick

L.E.K. Consulting believes that the evolution to more holistic care models will have a broad impact across healthcare stakeholders, creating opportunities for new businesses as well as challenges to the current “one drug/one test” companion diagnostic model. To better understand how the evolution to holistic models is taking shape – and its potential impact on healthcare stakeholders – L.E.K. examined today’s treatment decision support testing landscape and personalized medicine partnership activity. Our findings confirm that more holistic decision support tests and solutions are coming and will require stakeholders to think differently about how they establish themselves by using a broad network of partners and strategic initiatives.

Volume XIV, Issue 11 | May 2, 2012 | By: Clay Heskett

This is the third and final report in the series, “Unlocking Digital Marketing Opportunities for the Pharmaceuticals Sector: Developing a Long-Term Approach to Digital Marketing.” This report looks at maximizing the impact of digital marketing across pharma organizations to realize the full potential of this rapidly evolving approach.

Volume XIV, Issue 10 | May 1, 2012 | By: Clay Heskett

In the second of the three-part report series, L.E.K. Consulting examines how pharmaceutical companies can leverage best practices observed in other organizations implementing digital marketing programs to avoid the six common pitfalls that often hamper the delivery of benefits.

Volume XIV, Issue 7 | March 21, 2012 | By: Clay Heskett

Pharmaceutical companies are under pressure to develop innovative ways to promote and establish their products in a marketplace where the traditional channels for reaching key opinion leaders are being undermined by new digital devices and techniques. L.E.K. Consulting examines the potential of digital marketing for the pharmaceutical sector.

Volume XI, Issue 4 | February 27, 2009 | By: Manny Picciola

This issue of Executive Insights explores the opportunities that well-planned strategic alliances offer for short- and long-term improvements to bottom-line performance, as well as top-line growth. L.E.K. Consulting has broad experience and expertise assisting companies around the world in developing strategic alliances. We help companies screen potential targets, operationalize partnerships, and maximize the benefits of alliances.

Volume X, Issue 2 | May 6, 2008 | By: Pierre Jacquet

The biopharmaceutical industry has traditionally based its livelihood on blockbuster drugs that target large, chronic disease markets, but recent setbacks have raised questions about the sustainability of this model. At the same time, specialty pharmaceutical companies have carved out profitable niches by targeting smaller indications with lower potential revenue, and consequently they have avoided competing head-on with large pharmaceutical companies.

Volume VII, Issue 3 | October 6, 2005 | By: L.E.K. Consulting

This article discusses the benefits of utilizing a proactive approach to screening M&A opportunities and details best practices for systematically uncovering and scrutinizing potential deals. It also describes case studies that illustrate how this methodology can be used effectively across a wide variety of industries, companies and transaction types.

Volume V, Issue 3 | September 1, 2002 | By: Carol Wingard

Entering a new geographic market, whether just across the border or thousands of miles overseas has again become an attractive growth strategy. To be successful, management must access the difficulties of capital flow, the exposure from inadequately protected intellectual property, and the added costs of working with an unfamiliar government bureaucracy for each country it considers. This issue outlines the strategic assessment process for evaluating international growth opportunities. L.E.K. Consulting identifies which countries provide the best fit by analyzing each country against ranked criteria determined in conjunction with our client. For our clients this means ensuring that they have selected the country that has the highest probability of success.

Volume IV, Issue 2 | March 1, 2001 | By: L.E.K. Consulting

Forecasting revenue can be a very challenging task for managers at all levels of an organization. Whether it's a new product utilizing new technologies or a product line extension, developing trustworthy information from a broad range of internal and external sources is a necessity. Accurate forecasts early in the product development life-cycle can make the difference between a yes/no decision on the project or influence alternative development pathways. Forecasts for pre-market technologies are also imperative when considering acquisitions, alliances or licensing opportunities.