Executive Insights

Volume XVIII, Issue 13 | May 2, 2016 | By: Robert Rourke, Lucas Pain Return on Capital Employed

When a key competitor is acquired by a private equity interest, existing companies face a potentially serious challenge that requires an immediate response and an informed action plan. In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. details a number of key adjustments to strategic growth priorities available to incumbents to maintain a competitive advantage and respond to industry M&A developments.

Volume XVIII, Issue 12 | April 21, 2016 | By: Chris Kenney, Francois Mallette Customer Prioritization Go-to-Market Model Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

In this Executive Insights and the accompanying case studies, we take direct aim at refreshing your business’ revenue growth through Commercial Excellence — a series of steps that you can take to organize how you deliver the right value proposition to the right customers, and to support those efforts with excellent sales and marketing execution.

Investment Spotlight 3 | January 27, 2016 | By: Chris Kenney WTI Oil Breakeven Price by U.S. Basin (2013-15) Drilled but Uncompleted Well Inventory by U.S. Basin (2013-15)

While the dynamics affecting oil and gas pricing are not likely to change in the near term, and with continued downward price pressure exerted on this sector, L.E.K. has outlined a few large themes worthy of a look for those interested in investing in this space.

Volume XVII, Issue 34 | October 20, 2015 | By: Marcelo do Ó Growth in Providers’ Infrastructure and Human Resources Available to Non-public Payers Estimated Private Healthcare Infrastructure Demand Evaluation of 4 variables reveals a supply-and-demand balance Four Different Market Structures Carry Different Implications for the Definition of Strategy Market A and B Comparison Strategy Activation Successful business strategies require an integrated, consistent set of strategic and activation choices

Recent change in Brazil’s foreign investment law has opened the door for foreign investors to infuse capital into hospitals that primarily relied on local investors. However, hospitals and investors haven’t always been great at articulating their business strategies. In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. navigates the process for creating a sound business strategy for both parties, and advises that the best strategies start in local markets. 

Investment Spotlight 2 | September 10, 2015 | By: Thilo Henkes, Peter Walter, Carol Wingard Global Packaging Spend: Luxury vs. Non-Luxury Luxury Brands Are Driving the Demand for Premium Paper Packaging

L.E.K. Consulting’s Packaging practice monitors industry trends and identifies opportunities for private equity and corporate investors. The U.S. market has seen an increased demand for high-end paper and packaging products, resulting in a number of trends that will likely sustain growth and profitability in the near term. Learn more in our latest Executive Insights “Investment Spotlight.”

Investment Spotlight 1 | June 15, 2015 | By: Chris Kenney, Carol Wingard Most Executives See U.S. Manufacturing as Increasingly Attractive Manufacturers’ Investments in Automation Equipment

L.E.K. continually monitors industry trends and identifies attractive opportunities for private equity and corporate investors. Technology integrators and equipment suppliers (e.g., automation equipment, sub-assemblies, components and controls) directly benefit from advances in industrial automation. Learn more in "Spotlight on Industrial Automation," the first installment in our new Executive Insights' "Investment Spotlight" series.

Volume XVII, Issue 16 | May 5, 2015 | By: Peter McKelvey, Francois Mallette U.S. Private Equity Index and Selected Benchmark Statistics

In the first of a series of Executive Insights on the challenges in creating value through transactions, L.E.K. Managing Directors Peter McKelvey and Francois Mallette examine six ways in which successful private equity firms are delivering stellar returns at a time where global growth remains sluggish.

Volume XVI, Issue 40 | November 24, 2014 | By: Vassilis Economides, Manny Picciola, Simon Horan The Four Dimensions of Strategy Activation The Strategy Activation Roadmap

Typically, organizations have adopted a traditional two-stage approach which separates a strategy’s theory from the practice of its implementation. However, this approach is not appropriate for most modern organizations and increases the cost of strategic change, while reducing its chances of success. L.E.K. partners Vassilis Economides, Manny Picciola and Simon Horan explain why the traditional two-staged approach is no longer fit for purpose, and present an alternative solution: the "strategy activation" approach.

Volume XVI, Issue 28 | July 9, 2014 | By: Martin Pilkington, Geoff Parkin The Four Key Elements of Innovation Best Practice Minimum Loveable Product Approach Innovation Cycle of an Online Travel Retailer

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. Consulting examines exactly how digital specialists handle innovation and what separates them from competitors who struggle to achieve such fast innovation cycle times.

Volume XVI, Issue 18 | May 9, 2014 | By: Peter Smith, Jeremy Wheatland Input Parameters Required to Forecast Skill Supply Constraints and Gaps Skills Pyramid – Source, Progression and Levels of Expertise Within a Skill Category Skills Capacity Issue Tracker Output Across Project Development Timeline

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K.'s Peter Smith, Jeremy Wheatland and Phil Meier examine the pitfalls of poor skills management and explain the complex web of factors and interrelationships that are key to delivering a successful skills management strategy.