Case Studies

Due diligence and valuation of foreign biopharma company

Our Client, a large pharmaceutical company, was considering making an equity investment in a biotech company and needed to develop an objective view on the Target company’s complete pipeline within the tight deadlines of a transaction.  L.E.K. successfully assessed and valued the Target’s business and led the subsequent transaction process, providing ongoing support and advice through to execution of the transaction.

OTC switch opportunity assessment in Japan for a former blockbuster drug to support a licensing deal

Our Client, a global pharmaceutical company, was considering out-licensing Japan OTC rights for a former blockbuster over-the-counter (OTC) drug, but was struggling to build the business case and value the opportunity.  L.E.K. provided a thorough understanding of the OTC market, key market dynamics effecting the opportunity in question, and developed a forecast for OTC rights for our Client’s drug to incorporate into decision-making on a potential deal.

Medical Affairs function reorganization for a pharmaceutical company

A pharmaceutical company asked L.E.K. to assess the performance of Medical Affairs function and design an optimal end-state to better support its expanding pipeline and launch portfolio.  L.E.K. designed a ‘best-in-class’ Medical Affairs function to prepare our Client for the evolving needs of its growing business

Innovative Biotech Creates Strategy for Continued Success in Leading Antibiotics Program

L.E.K. helped a leading biotech company develop a comprehensive strategy to overcome limited investments and low ROI barriers to developing new antibiotics in the face of significant unmet needs in the market.

Small Specialty Pharmaceutical Company Monetizes Its Stake in Two Recently Launched Drugs

One small specialty pharmaceutical company was entitled to royalty streams from its commercial partners for two products developed through its proprietary technology platforms. The company enlisted L.E.K. Consulting to help it assess the commercial potential of the two products.

Non-Profit Organization Monetizes Investment in Game-Changing Drug Therapy

A leading non-profit organization provided significant financial, scientific and clinical support to bring a new disease-modifying therapy to the market – the product represented a dramatic improvement over the previous standard of care and was the first to treat the underlying disease rather than just address the symptoms of the disease. The organization engaged L.E.K. Consulting to help it assess the commercial potential of its product and understand how it could generate value by monetizing its future royalty stream.

Developed and Managed a 100-day Post-close Integration Plan for a Global Biopharmaceutical Company

L.E.K. Consulting initially developed an M&A strategy for our client, a ~$20B global biopharmaceutical company. Our client acquired a biotechnology company in a ~$2B+ transaction based on this strategy. L.E.K. was engaged to lead and manage the development of post-close integration plans. Revenue growth was the primary synergy driver, but economies of scale were also targeted in manufacturing and back office functions. Particular risks included the retention of key talent across the target organization to ensure the capture of short- and long-term synergy opportunities.

Global Client Sought Help to Capture Synergies on Complex, Cross-border Merger Integration

L.E.K. Consulting was engaged to support our client, a global scientific tools company, with the merger of a competitor.  The target company was a formidable player in several of our client’s market segments and had a strong reputation among its customers. Complicating the merger were different company cultures and a strong desire to preserve the target’s DNA which contributed to its success.

Best Practice Redesign for an R&D Unit of a Global Pharmaceutical Company

A biopharmaceutical company reached a critical inflection point in the way it organized its resources to execute against its R&D objectives. The company engaged L.E.K. Consulting to optimize its R&D organization to grow the company and its shareholder value.

Business Model Optimization for a Leading Diagnostic Solution Provider

Critical business processes at a world leader in tissue-based diagnostic solutions had not evolved to handle the dramatic growth in the number of projects and customers. This created risks around the company’s ability to maintain a robust pipeline of new products. L.E.K. Consulting was engaged to create an organizational structure and processes that would maintain a strong pipeline of winning products in an efficient and effective manner, from development through commercialization.