Case Studies

Leading International Passenger Ship Operator Increases Sales Through Improved On-Board Strategy

A leading cruise-style ferry liner had experienced excellent revenue growth during the previous four years, however analysis found that the majority of growth came from increased passenger numbers - while spend per passenger on board remained flat. Concerned it was missing an opportunity to maximize revenue on board, L.E.K. was engaged to develop a new sales strategy with the aim of delivering improved performance in its on-board retail outlets, restaurant and bars over the next five years.

New Merchandising Concept Redefines Airline Industry, Yields New Revenue Milestone for Major Airline

One of the world’s largest airlines was facing declining revenues during difficult economic times. The company selected L.E.K. Consulting to reexamine its core offerings and recommend new strategies to increase sales. L.E.K. brought a new business model concept to the airline that would significantly bolster the company’s sustainable revenues and reshape the entire airline industry.

New Airline Business Process Saves $190 Million Annually, Streamlines Operations

One of the world’s most iconic and financially successful airlines was looking to implement a more structured management system to balance the myriad of operational and strategic decisions the airline faced. The growth and complexity of the airline, as well as the increasing dynamic of the industry, meant that it was becoming increasingly difficult for senior management and the board to keep track of the airline's planning process.

Growth Strategy for Global Aircraft Manufacturer Turns Company Around

The company’s private equity owners asked L.E.K. Consulting to assist in developing the company’s first real growth strategy in more than 10 years.

Low-Cost Passenger Airline Sets New Course for Growth

A leading low-fare, low-cost passenger airline serving 45 cities with point-to-point routes in underserved markets and high-fare metropolitan areas, was at a historic crossroads, having grown tremendously since its inception but suffering from the fallout from a recent operational failure.

Airline Targets Merger to Expand Globally, Saves Up to $1 Billion via Operational Synergies

Driven by record oil prices, a depressed stock price, and the threat of competitors’ consolidation efforts, a major global airline engaged L.E.K. Consulting to evaluate its strategic options within the airline industry and conduct a comprehensive synergy / transition cost analysis for potential merger considerations.

Airline Heightens Customer Experience through Internet and Media Services, Increases Revenues

In the past decade, airlines worldwide have faced particularly challenging business conditions. Volatile oil pricing, downturns in economies, and increasing competition have applied significant pressure on airline profitability. As a result, ancillary income has become a critical, high-margin source of revenue for the majority of carriers.

Airline Revamps Operations, Becomes Leader in On-Time Performance

A major U.S. airline had recently undergone a merger and was struggling to transition into a cohesive operation. During the six months prior, the operational performance, and on-time performance in particular, had been at an unacceptable level. There was no perceptible trend of recovery.

Marketing Program Stimulates New Airport Terminal Visibility and Retail Sales

Beijing Capital International Airport Co. (BCIA) had a new terminal scheduled to open early in 2008, ahead of the Beijing Summer Olympics. This addition would make BCIA one of the biggest terminals in the world, serving as a key portal during the Olympic Games. However, Chinese airports had been criticized for years for their high-price image, undiversified retail offerings, and lack of marketing and promotional activities.