Healthcare Services Executive Network

Fred Hatfield

Fred Hatfield is a leader in Medicaid and healthcare financial cost management. He has held numerous senior executive positions including, among others, CEO and COO of Aetna Medicaid, head of acquisition integration for Schaller Anderson, and head of Aetna Cost Management. Fred is also a former financial and operations executive for CIGNA.

Leeba Lessin

Leeba Lessin

L.E.K. worked with Leeba Lessin from the early 2000’s, when she was the CEO and President of CareMore Medical Group. The medical management and care model that Leeba Lessin and her team created at CareMore has been considered to be both the pioneer and the gold standard in the longitudinal care of complex chronic patients / members. For that reason, Wellpoint paid $800 million for CareMore and its 54,000 lives (at the time, an unprecedented $15K per MA life). After the acquisition, Leeba continued to serve as the Executive Vice President of Medicare Programs at WellPoint / Anthem until April of 2016, then served in an advisor / consultant to the business since then. Prior to her work at CareMore, Leeba was the President of Southern and Northern California operations for PacifiCare. Ms. Lessin received a BA degree from Westmont College in Santa Barbara and an MBA from the University of Washington.

Tom Rekart

Tom Rekart is a healthcare operations expert at L.E.K. He has significant experience in healthcare operations, information technology, human resources management, systems analysis, applications development, implementations, migrations and strategic planning. Prior to joining L.E.K., he was SVP of business management services at TriZetto, EVP and president of East Region at HealthSpring, EVP and COO at Bravo Health, and held senior executive positions at UnitedHealth Group, CareFirst and Humana.

Jeffrey Rose

Jeffrey Rose is a co-founder, former president and COO of the rehabilitation services provider NovaCare, and the founder and former CEO of the occupational health provider Occupation Health Resources. In addition, Jeffrey was a venture partner at Internet Capital Group, responsible for developing a portfolio of health info tech businesses. Jeffrey founded HealthAlliant and served as the CEO, delivering strategic advisory services to state and local organizations to implement community-wide health information systems.

Dave Schmidt

Dave Schmidt served as a CEO and board member for SCAN Health Plan, the largest social HMO and tenth largest Medicare Advantage plan in the U.S. He is an innovator in the provision of unique care programs including Independent Living Power and SCAN’s entry into Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS). Dave steered new product development initiatives via partnerships with key providers during his tenure.

Jenni Vargas

Jenni Vargas

L.E.K. first worked with Jenni Vargas when she was the VP of Healthcare Delivery at Health Net, during the 2003-2006 period when the LEK HCS practice was just in its early phases of growth. Prior to joining Health Net, Jenni served as VP and General Manager at Cigna. After leaving Health Net, Jenni went on to become the Chief Strategy officer for Stanford Healthcare when the organization broke out of the delivery side of the business by launching its own Medicare Advantage plan, a market where Kaiser Permanente had a virtual monopoly on the market; Jenni was among the leadership team to see that Stanford Healthcare, with its brand and reputation, had the opportunity to disrupt the marketplace. Jenni hired L.E.K. to help assess, apply for and launch the Medicare Advantage plan in 2012. Since her departure from Stanford Healthcare last year, Jenni is an active advisor and Board member to several Healthcare startups, including Call9 and Eatlove. Jenni received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology from Stanford University, and her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.