Strategy Activation Practices

Commercial Excellence Consulting

We work closely with management teams to define customer strategy, improve value proposition articulation, design the optimal commercial organization and go-to-market strategy to support growth objectives, improve sales force effectiveness and, ultimately, drive profitable revenue growth. We also help organizations develop powerful pricing strategies to maximize value creation in the marketplace. These types of interventions typically yield significant revenue growth with low incremental investment.

Cost & Performance Improvement

Our Cost and Performance Improvement practice helps clients define the right cost configuration to deliver their strategy successfully. All costs are not equal. We focus on identifying the right costs to cut, reconfiguring the organization so that costs do not creep back in and protecting the strength of the organization in the process. We assist clients by deploying a proven performance improvement approach, leveraging powerful industry and functional knowledge to design, plan and deliver robust cost and performance improvement programs. We recognize no organization or situation is exactly alike, so each program is developed in alignment with the specific needs of our clients in relation to pace, tone, organizational culture and the degree of capability development required. Using this approach, we have successfully delivered savings consistently in the range of 15-25%.

Operations & Supply Chain

Our Operations and Supply Chain practice helps clients create bottom-line impact from both cost and revenue perspectives. We customize our approach to each client, situation and industry, applying supply chain and manufacturing optimization principles developed through our deep industry expertise. Our deliverables address the full suite of activities required to source, produce and deliver product to the end customer, including global distribution and logistics operations.

Organizational Strategy Consulting

L.E.K. Consulting's Organizational Strategy practice helps clients define the right organizational choices to drive business success. Each organization is unique in its history, culture and strategy. We tailor our work to explicitly incorporate these dimensions. Furthermore, today's organizational challenges are multifaceted, requiring the use of data-driven, evidence-based approaches to understand key issues and craft the required solutions. The best organization designs are co-created with key constituents and tested under marketplace pressure with real-life scenarios in simulation workshops to validate the design and build alignment for effective implementation.

Sales Force Effectiveness

L.E.K. Consulting helps clients across industries improve and accelerate sales performance. We advise management teams on sales team alignment to growth strategies and targeted customers, in order to improve value proposition articulation, root out sales productivity drains, align incentives, and, ultimately, drive sales growth.