Strategy Activation Insights

Volume XVIII, Issue 21 | By Michael Connerty, Eric Navales, Chris Kenney , Tanay Bhatia

In the first of a series on how manufacturing companies can improve their commercial capabilities to drive growth, this Executive Insights outlines L.E.K.’s views on the capabilities required for customer- and outcome-centricity, and delves into the steps that industrial manufacturers can take to reach these end states successfully.

Volume XVIII, Issue 12 | By Chris Kenney, Francois Mallette , Dan Horsley

In this Executive Insights and the accompanying case studies, we take direct aim at refreshing your business’ revenue growth through Commercial Excellence — a series of steps that you can take to organize how you deliver the right value proposition to the right customers, and to support those efforts with excellent sales and marketing execution.

Volume XVIII, Issue 3 | By John Goddard, Aubry Pierre

For most leaders, the step up to the CEO position is challenging. It evokes a wide array of emotions from excitement to apprehension. Having advised many new CEOs, we have developed deep insight into what makes a successful CEO. In this Executive Insights, we set out four critical actions to improve a new CEO’s chances of success.

Volume XVI, Issue 40 | By Vassilis Economides, Manny Picciola, Simon Horan
The Four Dimensions of Strategy Activation The Strategy Activation Roadmap

Typically, organizations have adopted a traditional two-stage approach which separates a strategy’s theory from the practice of its implementation. However, this approach is not appropriate for most modern organizations and increases the cost of strategic change, while reducing its chances of success. L.E.K. partners Vassilis Economides, Manny Picciola and Simon Horan explain why the traditional two-staged approach is no longer fit for purpose, and present an alternative solution: the "strategy activation" approach.